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Photo by José Lorvão

Amorim: "We are taking Sporting CP where the club belongs"

By Sporting CP
15 May, 2022

An assessment from the coach of the win over CD Santa Clara and the season itself

Rúben Amorim spoke after the 4-0 win over CD Santa Clara (4-0) that rounded off the Liga Portugal season, and reflected on a campaign which ended with the same number of points (85) as the previous year.

“We were more of a team than last year, and there was less suffering in our games. We scored more goals and also conceded more, but we didn't deserve that - and I say that because there were one or two shots that came off deflections. Even so, I think we defended better, we had more of the ball and that's why we didn't let our opponents have as many opportunities," he said.

"What I take away is that we were in the fight for all the trophies in Portugal. We won two, we missed out on another one and we were in the fight for the league title until the end. We achieved 85 points, but there were small details in a short time that made the difference and could have given us six more points. Even with the fans back at the stadiums and with the Champions League, we scored the same points as last season."

“A new season will start soon and we will begin it with the same ambition."

“Sporting CP have a history of fighting for trophies, but there were important moments in the history of the club that made life very difficult. Many years were lost, but fighting for silverware is normal in Sporting CP's history. When I arrived, I think it was the year in which Sporting CP had suffered the most defeats, and now we are fighting for the title, going to finals, going to the Champions League and reaching the Last 16. We are taking Sporting CP where the club belongs."

 Amorim also spoke of the support of the Sportinguistas, who gave a standing ovation at the end of the game.

 “The fans have the highest level of demand, but they also understand that we have very difficult moments; and even in those, they supported us. That doesn't show a lack of demand, but rather intelligence. They know that it won't help if they're against the team. They should whistle us when they are unhappy, but at times there is nothing that helps more than the support of the fans.”

“Nobody is happy because we didn't win the league, but the fans see that the team give everything. There are three clubs who can be champions and all three have the obligation to fight for that title, but there is only one top spot and there are two that will fall by the wayside," he explained.

"The fans don't forget the recent past, when the club was not in the fight for these honours, but now we are in there, we want to win and, therefore, in the end they support a team that gave everything and failed. I think that reveals a lot of intelligence and not a lack of demand, because we have a lot of that."

Finally, Amorim revealed how he will spend the holidays.

 “This year I feel much more tired, perhaps also because we didn't win. I'm going to rest, but I think I'm going to rest for three days and then I'll miss this already (laughs). I'm going to enjoy myself and fill my days with family time, and annoy Hugo Viana to try to control everything because I'm quite annoying like that!"