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Licensing is a process of leasing a legally and protected brand that is trademark or copyrighted for the use  of  a good, product or service and aims to convey the brand Sporting Clube de Portugal to all the fans around the country and worldwide.

 Sporting Clube de Portugal offers several brands for Licensing among which:
- The logo of the club, its main brand that conveys all the values and the excitement of a Centennial brand;
- Our mascot, Jubas, a brand to a target of child audience and applied to all products and toys, regarding child category.

There are several categories of products that Sporting Clube de Portugal license from gift products, editorial, collectible, textile, among many others. The Club products are distributed all over the country and internationally, especially in Portuguese-speaking markets where affection, logging and recognition of Sporting brand is a reality.

In short, the licensed products are easy of implementation on the market (domestic and international, with the Portuguese-speaking communities) and may be part of many distribution channels through the credibility and recognition of the brand Sporting Clube de Portugal!