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This project looks to mobilise Portuguese society, making people aware of and creating an understanding of the issues of poverty and social exclusion as violations of Human Rights

The project looks to promote the assimilation of social rules and values through regular initiatives with children and youngsters in need or who need specialised attention. The initiatives include monthly events at both primary and secondary schools, with sports days including Rugby, Football, Karate, Basketball, Boccia, Adapted Sport, Handball, Golf, Kickboxing, Volleyball and Athletics, as well as discussions on issues such as citizenship, drugs and violence and debates and games based on social values and civil duty.

As part of this project a total of 7 events in schools in Lisbon and Amadora were held, reaching out to a total of 2800 children and youngsters through sports demonstrations and educative lessons. This is the Sporting Foundation’s widest reaching project, with us working with 2800 children and youngsters on 3 main areas, thereby looking to encourage a healthy lifestyle through the practice of sport, while transmitting rules and social values through lessons and further developing the SPORTING name.