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Through this project we help children and youths in need to take part in the training sessions and matches of a variety of the club’s sports, as well as participation in Karate and Kickboxing lessons

In total, this project has provided 8500 children with the chance to take part in football matches and training, as well as other sports, already this season.

This project is part of a support programme with the country’s General Directorate for Reinsertion and Prison Services, in which we are developing with the support of Sporting’s veterans team, SAPANA (an NGO in partnership with the Foundation which is linked to the Inter-Prison Football League) and we are developing additional initiatives with the objective of preparing inmates for future integration into society. As part of this project, we held 4 football matches between Sporting’s veteran team and inmate teams, followed by a lunch and a motivation lecture involving a total of 130 inmates.

The Adapted Sports initiative is also part of this project, which involves the holding of Adapted Handball and Adapted Basketball training sessions for people with reduced mobility. A total of around 20 people take part in these lessons, which are provided free of charge at our facilities once a week.